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Local Lawyer Visits the Academy of Finance Students

A student-contributed article

Feb. 4, 2016

Monticello High School- On December 22, a local lawyer, Mr. Janusas, came in to share his career as an attorney. Some students are interested in becoming an attorney and enjoyed speaking with him. attorney John Janusas visits academy of finance students at monticello high school

The guest shared a few interesting stories and facts. For example, most often, a conflict will be settled without a trial. In addition, “If you know someone who is guilty, you hold that…confessions to lawyers are not made public…however, you can tell if it may cause harm to other people.” Students found this information fascinating. “A lawyer can also withdraw from a case, if he/she is too uncomfortable.”
Mr. Janusas explained the different areas a lawyer may specialize in, including divorce, DWI, or real estate. The class also learned that if a case came to a lawyer that was outside of their expertise, it would be best to refer them to a lawyer who is better equipped to help them. He also shared that the stereotype of a lawyer, being able to keep their clients out of jail, isn’t always true. Sometimes a lawyer may be able to only reduce their clients’ sentence.

The students also learned about the many areas a lawyer can be employed. Whether it is a small business, a celebrity, nonprofit; any organization needs a lawyer. Unfortunately, winter can be a busy time of year. With the holidays, driving while intoxicated cases are increased.

Students in the Financial Decision Making classes appreciated Mr. Janusas’ visit.