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Former football, lacrosse standout Ken Bartolo raises the game on drug awareness at MHS

Feb. 24, 2016

Ken Bartolo, a former football and lacrosse standout athlete, brought a powerful message to Monticello High School students last Friday. He talked about how his drug and alcohol addiction derailed a promising athletic career and how he finally overcame his  struggle with substance abuse.

The message hit close to home for students and staff who have seen firsthand the danger of substance addiction and abuse.

Bartolo’s address took students along on his journey from trying marijuana in high school to impress the “cool kids” to trying to kill himself in state prison and the loss of his loved ones before finally asking for help. Along the way, he became addicted to prescription drugs and got involved with drinking and cocaine and missed out on several career opportunities.

It was from these experiences that Bartolo was able to warn Monticello students about the dangers of getting involved with drugs and alcohol. Leveraging his own life struggles and lessons to educate and inspire young people, Bartolo now tours the northeast speaking about substance abuse and addiction through his There and Back program designed to bring awareness to the dangers of substance abuse.

Press play on the video below for highlights from his address.