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Robert J. Kaiser: Literacy for All

Feb. 17, 2016

Literacy – the ability to read and write – is tied to everything we do. In the workplace, it may mean knowing how to research and solve complex problems or handle multiple projects. From navigating the Internet to following elaborate instructions to making health care-related decisions, literacy is evolving.

As part of an ongoing effort to improve literacy achievement for its students, the Robert J. Kaiser Middle School is taking part in an initiative called Literacy for All. Literacy for All is a school-wide literacy initiative created by a Massachusetts school district that focuses on developing a standard writing curriculum for all classes and retraining all the teachers in the school to teach that curriculum.

At the heart of the initiative is a focus is an overhaul the way a student reads, writes, speaks and listens in order to learn, communicate and make meaning of complex texts.

What does Literacy for All look like at Robert J. Kaiser Middle School?

Students take part in three five-week cycles that strengthen literacy, specifically:

• Literacy in reading (researching a topic, gathering information, constructing meaning, making real world connections);
• Literacy in writing (taking notes, reporting findings and conclusions, comparing, contrasting, writing well-constructed essays); and
• Literacy in reasoning (creating, interpreting or explaining a table, chart, graph or text, computing).

For more information, contact your child’s English Language Arts teacher.