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Monticello's Board of Education honors individuals

Jan. 22, 2016

At its January 22 meeting, the Monticello Central School District Board of Education awarded individuals from the district for demonstrating a greater than average commitment to students, education and the district’s community.

These awards are reserved for extraordinary performances that exemplify excellence in education and goes above and beyond the typical responsibility of the individual.

The board recgonized the following individuals for their commitment to Monticello schools:

Hall of Distinction Preparation TeamMarc Gittleman accepts his Board Award

Ms. Chris Worthington and Mr. Marc Gittleman
Nominated by Hall of Distinction Committee

Marc and Chris went above and beyond to assist the Hall of Distinction Committee. Through the Foundation Fridays program they were able to incorporate the study of Monticello Central School District alumni worthy of nomination. Through their efforts, the students from RJK submitted many applications for the Committee to consider.

Way to go Marc and Chris for being Greater than the Average.





Guidance Counselor

Ms. Sheryl Manz Sheryl Manz  accepts her award
Nominated by Stephen Wilder, High School Principal

Sheryl Manz is an incredible asset to our school community. Sheryl demonstrates her commitment and enthusiasm for serving students on a daily basis. Her love for and efforts on behalf of our students extends beyond the normal expectations of a guidance counselor. If there is a need, she is there to fill it or find a way to do so. This also extends to her colleagues as well. She is a team player who will take on new challenges and learn new skills to benefit the guidance team and the entire community.

Sheryl’s specific efforts this year include taking on responsibility of the Department Instructional Leader during a period of absence. She has also been instrumental in the creation, development, distribution, and use of our Graduation Grid to more strategically support our students in their pursuit of a high school diploma. We believe that her efforts will have positive implications for supporting students, parents, teachers, and support staff in having the information necessary to have meaningful conversations and make informed decisions. Sheryl can also be regularly found cheering for our students, and special causes, that promote greater educational and life opportunities for our students. I have heard students describe her as sunshine and I agree that her warmth and light help to make Monticello High School shine.



Ms. Mary Ellen Hurley Mary Ellen Hurley accepts her Board award
Nominated by Stephen Wilder, High School Principal

Mary Ellen Hurley is a beacon of optimism and encouragement for our students. Mary Ellen works endlessly to engage our students in meaningful and relevant learning opportunities that extend beyond the walls of her classroom. She has her students Tweeting constantly in relation to their learning requirements and cheerleading their effort, contribution, successes, and personal milestones. Her genuine care and support of students has built bridges that help students know that they are special, worthwhile, and capable of being great. In addition, Mary Ellen supports our students after HS graduation to ensure their success in college. She provides guidance, encouragement, recognition, and assistance with the multitude of requirements students are confronted with as new adults. Mary Ellen consistently produces ideas that would lead to greater student engagement and school pride. We are fortunate to have Mary Ellen as part of our school community.

Students Cheer coach accepts award on behalf of Lauren Rodrieguez and Leslie Fernandez

Lauren Rodriguez and Leslie Fernandez
Nominated by Dana Taylor,Supervisor of Special Programs-Innovation Instigator

Lauren and Leslie showed greater than the average commitment to MCSD on the Panther Pride Ride into the community on September 4, 2015. Instead of spending the last day of summer vacation in the sun, they joined us in their uniforms as we welcomed our students to the 2015-2016 school year. The cheerleaders were an amazing addition on our tour throughout the district.






Eagle Scouts accept their Board Award

William Waterton, Alexander Bisland, Kyle Foss, Thomas Nola, James Steinberg III
and Jacob Lilley
Nominated by Deb Levine

 The six gentlemen I named have earned the honor of becoming Eagle Scouts. They worked hard for many years within the community to reach their goal and deserve recognition for their accomplishments. Becoming an Eagle Scout demands time, patience, hard work, commitment and dedication which is shown in their becoming Eagle Scouts!







Support Staff

Jane Sorensen accepts her Board AwardMrs. Jane Sorensen
Nominated by Dana Taylor, Supervisor of Special Programs-Innovation Instigator

Jane always goes above and beyond her responsibilities as the EPIC Program Director. Her work with our students and families is priceless. Without Jane, our district would be at a loss. Thanks to her our children have yoga, mediation, edible gardens and an opportunity to focus on the environment through her garbage reduction program at Cooke. I am beyond grateful for Jane’s passion and commitment to our students. It is truly an honor to work with her.




Mr. Tyrus Walker (nominated twice)
Nominated by Nelson QuiƱones, Security Supervisor
On Friday, October 23, 2015 at approximately 12:00 p.m. inside the cafeteria during lunch, a studentTyrus Walker accepts his Board award approached Tyrus in a state of panic to advise that his friend , was choking. At this point, Tyrus saw Sophia standing and exhibiting the universal sign for choking. Tyrus immediately reacted, ran to her and began performing the Heimlich Maneuver. As trained, he performed five abdominal thrusts and proceeded to lean Sophia over just a bit and performed 5 back blows at which point Sophia was able to breathe on her own again. The school nurse had been summoned and when she arrived, Sophia was handed over to her for further care and evaluation.
“I personally thanked Tyrus for what he did for my daughter and for what he continues to do. He is truly an asset and we appreciate him!”

Mr. Tyrus Walker 2nd by: Nominated by Nichole Horler,
RJK Middle School Principal
Mr. Walker is a wonderful communicator. He is not a man of many words but the words he speaks are thoughtful and to the point. This year he was hired back as security staff to work as a cohesive unit and be a team. He is never seen without a smile on his face. Tyrus never hesitates to take responsibility. He also is ready to work beyond the call of duty in order to meet goals or to solve problems, even if the job in discussion is not one of the regular works he is usually assigned. The perfect example of this is the day that Tyrus was in the cafeteria and a student came running up to him saying a student was choking. Tyrus immediately ran over and performed the Heimlich Maneuver on a 7th grader, Sophia QuiƱones. Tyrus saved her life. Although, he clearly is a hero, Tyrus remains very humble.


NYSSBA Recognition

Shelly Rossitto accepts her Board Award

Ms. Shelley Rossitto Certificate of Recognition for the “1:1 iPad Initiative”
For NYSSBA’s Be the Change for Kids Innovation Award

Jeanine Nielson accepts her Board award

Ms. Jeanine Nielson Certificate of Recognition for “STEAM”
For NYSSBA’s Be the Change for Kids Innovation Award

Scholar Athlete Awards

The following group of students have been honored by the New York State Public High School Athletic Association as “Scholar Athletes”. To achieve this honor, they must, as a team, maintain a grade point average of 90% or greater, they will receive a certificate and a pin. The Monticello teams that have achieved this distinction are:

Girls Varsity Soccer – 95.36% girls Varsity soccer team accepts their award
Coach: Lou Velasco
Asst. Coach: Christine Baruffaldi
Morgan Mitchell
Lillie Carnell
Taylor Fein
Jenna Cammerino
McKaela Bunce
Megan Wells
Mackenzie Mitchell
Alexandra Stant
Kelly Swensen
Elliana Harrold
Emily Wells
Kelly Smith
Amanda Karmolinski
Ashley Feldman
Catie Lucas
Samantha Gray

Varisty Volleyball team accepts their award

Varsity Volleyball – 93.51%
Coach: Jesus Rodriguez
Taylor Spargo
Cristal Staten
Aryana McKoy
Allison LaRuffa
Stacey Reuss
Mackenzie Turick
Na-eelah Shackelford
Jahdeja Richards





Varisty cross country team accepts its award

Girls Varsity Cross Country – 92.88%
Coaches: Tim Billias and Holley Boncek
Sydney Johnson
Jillian McEneaney
Camryn Johnson
Sarah Grodin
Taylor King
Anisa Sanders






Girls Varsity Tennis – 92.51% varisty tennis team accepts its award
Coach: Urvashi Gupta
Allison Linen
Lina Rios
Anastasia Gessman
Somaya Bracy
Michele Rodriguez
Samantha Sherb
Carley VanEtten
Jordan Drapkin
Rachel Leventoff