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Message from Principal Wilder regarding Regents Exams


The following message was sent to MHS families through School Messenger on Jan. 19:

Good Day Monticello High School families. This is Stephen Wilder, Principal of Monticello High School, calling regarding the January Regents and final exams that will be administered between January 26 and January 29. There was an error on the school calendar that listed the Regents dates differently. Please note that we will have a full day of school on Monday, January 25, where all classes are in session. Regents testing will begin on January 26 and finish on January 29. Only students who are completing a Regents examination, a final exam for their class or attending the A.M. BOCES program will be coming to school. Each student has been notified of their scheduled Regents and final exams.

If your child is taking a Regents or final exam, he or she will ride their bus in at their original time in the morning. Students will then report to the cafeteria to wait to be released to their assigned testing room. Students who only have an exam in the afternoon will remain in the cafeteria until their designated time. They should use this time for studying. If your child has an afternoon exam only, you can coordinate with them for their own transportation and report to the high school by 11:30 a.m. Students will be able to ride the 11:15 am bus home if they do not have an afternoon exam. Otherwise, students will complete their afternoon exam and have the opportunity to take either the 2:03 p.m or the 4:30 p.m bus home.

If your child is attending a BOCES program, ALL morning BOCES students will have their session and will need to come to school at their usual time in the morning. They will ride the 11:15 a.m. bus home. Any BOCES student who is registered to complete an exam will need to stay at the high school to complete that exam.

Please check the Monticello High School website for the written version of this message and for a copy of the Regents Exam schedule. Make it a wonderful day!