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AOF seniors research potential career paths through job shadowing

Jan. 20, 2016

On Dec. 9, the Academy of Finance (AOF) seniors had the opportunity to job shadow a career path of their choice. Prior to the experience, students were asked to write down the career they were most interested in learning about. With the information provided by the students, Mrs. Sue Bahrenburg, with the help of her co-workers and the AOF advisory board, was able to make arrangements for each student to job shadow at a business.

The day of the job shadowing experience the students traveled to their locations to spend a day at the companies of their choice so they could learn more about their future career options. A few job shadowing positions that were offered to the students took place at Cohen’s Bakery in Ellenville, NY, Focus Media in Goshen, NY, Ameriprise Financial in Goshen, NY, Crystal Run Health Care in Rock Hill, NY, and Vanacore, DeBenedictus, DiGovanni & Weddell LLP in Newburgh, NY.

The students expressed to Mrs. Bahrenburg the next day in class that they were now able to determine if these were the careers they would want to pursue. Every student came back with an experience they were able to share with the class and the valuable lessons that were incorporated into the experience. Academy of Finance student Rebecca Bass commented on her job shadowing experience at Focus Media in Goshen, NY, “Visiting Focus Media showed me that a job in marketing or advertising isn’t a desk job. It is an exciting career that is constantly changing, and every employee has to be ready to adapt quickly to anything that is thrown their way to fit the needs of their clients.”

The AOF student’s wrote a Thank You letter to their job shadowing locations to show appreciation to the local companies that shared their expertise and knowledge about the careers of their choice. Students were thankful for their experience. The AOF staff is excited to continue offering Job Shadowing in their program in the future.