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Residency FAQ


Frequently asked questions about residency

Monticello Central School District (MCSD) is committed to providing the best quality of education and services for our district’s residents. Ensuring that our school population is limited only to valid district residents is extremely important in order to balance class equity, school programs, transportation costs and many other components that enhance the quality of our educational services.

Who is entitled for enrollment in Monticello Central School District?
Students between the ages of 5 and 21 who have not received a high school diploma and who reside within the boundaries of the Monticello Central School district are eligible for enrollment.

How is residency defined?
Residency is determined by domicile, rather than property ownership within a district. In other words, for a student to be entitled to enrollment in a particular school district, his or her parents or legal guardians must physically reside within the boundaries of the school district. In cases where there is a question of domicile, the Board may take into account factors such as: whether the place of residence is the one and only residence, who has legal custody of the child involved, and whether the place in question is where those claiming residency usually sleep to reach a determination of residency.

If I pay school taxes through a second property or business located within the district, are my children entitled to attend Monticello Schools?
Unfortunately, no. Residency is based only on whether the prospective student lives in the district.

I’ve received a letter disputing my child’s eligibility for school and I disagree
If you have received a letter disputing your child’s eligibility, you may contact the Superintendent of Schools to make an appointment to present evidence of residency. Evidence may include documentation such as a rental agreement, utility bills, income tax forms, library cards and notarized eyewitness accounts.

I am not sure whether my residence falls within the boundaries of the district, who can I contact?
If you have any questions regarding district boundaries, please contact our District Registrar by phone at (845) 794-7700, ext. 78905, or by email to

You may also visit The New York State Department of Education’s website, which offers a wealth of information regarding how districts determine residency.

Monticello's full policy regarding residency is available online. Click here to access the BOE policies, and then select 5150 - School Admissions from the left navigation menu.