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Kenneth L. Rutherford Elementary School temporarily evacuated

Dec. 3, 2015

On Thursday, Dec. 3 at approximately 8:50 a.m., Kenneth L. Rutherford Elementary School students and staff were temporarily evacuated as a precautionary measure after smoke from a fuel line infiltrated the school’s boiler room.

All students were escorted by staff and security to Robert J. Kaiser Middle School while officials from the Monticello Fire Department examined and cleared the building for re-entry. The building was cleared for re-entry at approximately 9:05 a.m. and students were escorted back to class. No students were injured.

As an extra precautionary measure, the district will conduct a thorough examination of its schools’ boiler rooms to ensure our students’ continued safety.

For more information, please contact Rutherford Principal Kim Patterson at (845) 794-4240 or Superintendent Mangus at (845) 794-7700 ext. 70511 and speak with her assistant, Laura McAndrew.