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Certified Public Accountant Discusses Accounting Experience with AOF Juniors

Written by AOF Juniors Taylor Spargo, Thomas Nola, and Ryan Rogg

Dec. 1, 2015

On Nov. 16, Sean Glander, a Certified Public Accountant, also known as a CPA, shared his knowledge and ideas with the junior AOF Accounting class. Sean Glander is currently a public accountant at Vanacore, DeBenedictus, DiGovanni, & Weddell, LLP, the largest accounting firm in the Hudson Valley area. Mr. Glander has over 10 years of experience in accounting and continues to educate others on the life of an accountant and their duties in the business world. He also strongly promotes education as a necessary tool for a successful life.

Mr. Glander informed the students of the requirements to become a CPA: 150 hours of experience in the accounting field or 5 years of an approved college program, over age 21, meet a code of ethics, and successful completion of all 4 parts of the CPA exam. Mr. Glander also discussed the different accounting fields like audit, taxation, estates/trusts and client services. The speaker brought up his experiences in the business field which helped keep the students enthused and attentive.

As a CPA, Sean Glander introduced new information and experiences in the business world. As students of the AOF junior class, we were able to expand on our knowledge of the business world and gain an understanding of the profession.