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Monticello High School students feed 100 families

Nov. 24, 2015

Thanks to the efforts of the students at Monticello High School, 100 families in the Monticello community will have a Thanksgiving meal on Thursday. Under the leadership of the Monticello food drive committee, students were able to raise enough money to fill 100 baskets with all the ingredients of a traditional Thanksgiving meal. On Nov. 24th, the entire student body gathered in the high school auditorium to see the fruits of their labor.chairwomen of MHS food drive pose with advisor Beth Lauri

Flanked by pyramids of canned goods, rolls, and turkeys, Superintendent Tammy Mangus took the stage and praised the students for their efforts.

“You all have one job and that’s to make a more beautiful future,” Mangus said. “To do that, you need to give graciously and give gratefully. We all have the responsibility to pay it forward.”

The food drive is an annual event and supports Sullivan County United Way. Most families who receive baskets are families in the Monticello district.

MHS teacher and food drive advisor Beth Lauri estimates that over the past 29 years that she has participated in the event, students have raised at least $100,000 to feed around 2,800 Monticello families.

“The food drive is my fondest memory,” Lauri said, who is retiring from the district this year.

Julian Dawson, Chief Professional Officer at Sullivan County United Way, and MHS alumni also extended his gratitude to the students.

“People don’t realize that 25 cents, one dollar – it all goes a long way,” he told the students assembled in the auditorium. “Without community service, many great things would never happen. Sullivan County will rise again one day, thanks in part to what you’re doing here today.”

For more photos of the event, please visit the album on Facebook by clicking here.