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Cooke's kindergarteners meet some very special dogs

Nov. 11, 2015

On Nov. 3, kindergarten students George L. Cooke Elementary School had two furry four legged visitors come in.

Barbara Blanc brought in her 5 month old German Shepard named Fuschia. Barbara is in the process of training her to be a guide dog. Barbra explained what Fushia’s job will be as a guide dog, she also explained the really neat things that Fushia will learn to do like push buttons on crosswalks and all the requirements for being a guide dog.

The other four legged friend was Amico. Amico is an Italian Mastiff and he was accompanied by his owner Gina Sedita. Gina explained that Amico is a therapy dog and is best known for reading with children at the library in Washingtonville, NY. Amico weighs over 100 pounds and is a gentle giant.

All of the students really enjoyed learning about these dogs and they got a chance to pet them as well. Thank you to both Barbara and Gina for bringing in your four legged friends so we could meet them. Yet another example of Leading the Way!

Pictured left: Barbara Blanc with her 5 month old German Shepard, she is telling the Kindergarteners about Fuchia.

Pictured right: Kindergarten student Antonio Catherman enjoys petting Amico while Isabella Hovencamp Brown waits her turn.