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Students interview community members about career, interests

Oct. 7, 2015

On Friday, Oct. 2, several George L. Cooke Elementary second grade students were able to interview a few important people in their very own community as part of a culminating activity from their lesson on People in the Community.

Joana Dutcher and Jessica Ashcraft’s second grade students made up questions in preparation to interview their guests. Some of the questions were, “How do you milk a cow?” asked by Juliana Balotti. This was asked to Jay Rubin who owns and operates his 5th generation farm, The Rubin Livestock Farm, in Monticello.

Another question was, “What are some ways a nurse takes care of someone?” This was answered by our very own George L. Cooke Elementary School Nurse Kelly Ketchum. Mrs. Ketchum answered by having the children help her explain exactly how she helps them.

Another special guest was Dr. Joseph D’Abbraccio who provides a mobile veterinary service in Sullivan County.

Isaiah Colon asked Firefighter Wayne VanderMeulen Jr., a paid firefighter in the Monticello Fire Department, “How do you carry a hose up the ladder?”

Nevaeh Walker asked Policemen John Calvello with the K9 Unit from the Monticello Police Department, “How do you deal with arresting people with so much chaos?”

The students and special guests celebrated afterwards with delicious donuts and juice. They did a great job with the asking the questions to the people who work in their community!

1: Firefighter Wayne VanderMeulen Jr. answering one of the many questions asked.
2: Livestock Farmer Jay Rubin telling the students about his farm.
3: Nurse Kelly Ketchum listening to a question asked by Adam Dannacher.
4: Joana Dutcher and Jessica Ashcraft’s second graders and Sullivan County’s Community finest workers.