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Earth Guardians of Sullivan County now accepting new members

Oct. 6, 2015

Hoop Gardens at RJK As the state of the environment becomes a more pressing issue, students from Robert J. Kaiser Middle School have taken an active role to raise awareness about protecting the environment and decreasing waste within the schools and community.

The Earth Guardians of Sullivan County, formerly known as The Eco Club, has rebranded itself and will be focusing on a variety of subjects in order to reduce waste and raise awareness of environmental issues.

Middle school students of all ages are welcomed to join the club as it ventures into doing something positive for the school and environment.

The Earth Guardians of Sullivan County is a chapter of Earth Guardians, a national youth activist organization. The club meets every other Thursday after school in room 301 to broaden their knowledge of environmental awareness, involve themselves in community issues, and work together to create innovative programs and ideas to make the school a more sustainable place.

In its next meeting, the club will discuss fifty simple things they can do in order to cut carbon.

The Earth Guardians also takes part in the school’s Edible Garden, in which students grow fresh fruits and vegetables with the aim of supplying their harvest to the school cafeterias. Earth Guardians now accepting members

“Collectively, members are stepping up as leaders and taking responsibility for creating the future they want to live in,” Ms. Barasch said. “It’s inspiring to see so many of our young students champion the cause and take ownership over the future of our planet.”

On Oct. 2, Earth Guardians of Sullivan County officially launched their program by taking part in the National Campus Day of Action demanding action on climate change. In effort to bring awareness, they showed this video to all students.

Are you an Earth Guardian? Do you want to be proactive about protecting the planet? Join the club. Contact or stop by room 301 to learn more.

Pictured, top left: Two hoop gardens have been added to the middle school’s edible garden, which extends the season and allows students to plant earlier and harvest later. Last year, the garden produced over 500 pounds of food. The food was given to the district’s food services department.

Pictured, bottom right: Ms. Barasch poses with fresh picked arugula.