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Monticello High School alumni shares his views on dressing professionally

Written by AOF Junior Sean Lopez

Oct. 1, 2015

Christian Phillips, Antonio Pelosi and Brandon Cerma practice tying a tieOn Sept. 21, the Academy of Finance (AOF) welcomed former Monticello AOF graduate student, Mr. Joel Blum, to give advice to AOF juniors on how to properly dress in business attire for job interviews.

Mr. Blum quickly introduced himself to the student audience. He shared his personal experiences as a well-respected business man as well as his personal thoughts on how to be very successful in the business field.

 He also stressed his thoughts on what not to do when participating in a student internship.

Mr. Blum gave very kind advice to students, both male and female alike. He suggested that first impressions are very important when going in for a job interview that requires business attire. He strictly advised men to keep a clean shave, and women to keep jewelry very simple.


Mr. Blum grabbed the student audience’s attention by introducing how to properly tie a tie. Many smiles and laughs were exchanged between Mr. Blum and the audience as many had failed to tie a tie correctly. When students finally accomplished their task, a sense of pride overcame them.

Students gave their thanks to Mr. Blum for sharing his personal experiences, as well as the advice he had openly shared with them. As Mr. Blum departed, students said their goodbyes, and welcomed him back in the future.