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Chase students learn about fire safety during Fire Safety Month

Oct. 19, 2015

Each year, the faculty, staff and students of Chase Elementary School observes Fire Safety Month -- and this year was no exception.

The faculty and staff joined forces with the Wurtsboro Fire Department on Friday, Oct. 9 to teach the students about fire safety and how to react in an emergency. Local firemen visited Chase to demonstrate their firefighting equipment. Students were able to explore three different fire trucks and learn about the various tools firemen use to save lives.

After the demonstration the students went inside to learn about fire safety. The presentation included the firemen explaining the clothing they wear and its importance. The children were able to see and hear the fireman’s air tank and breathing mask. This assured the students not to be frightened when seeing or hearing a fireman during a fire.

The Chase community appreciates the dedication of the Wurtsboro Fire Department to keep our children safe at school and home.