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Cooke Elementary welcomes Monticello Fire Department

October 13, 2015

Every year, students, faculty and staff of George L. Cooke Elementary School congregate together for an assembly to learn about National Fire Prevention Month.

Firefighters Mike Bastone and Jim Gerrard of the Monticello Fire Department joined the faculty and staff to help educate the students about fire safety, and how to respond in an emergency. The firefighters expressed the importance of everyone having a meeting place as well as changing the batteries in their smoke detector twice a year.

George L. Cooke Elementary School appreciates the devotedness of the Monticello Fire Department and neighboring fire departments for keeping its students safe at school and home.


Pictured left: Firefighter Jim shows students how a firefighter looks when they have on all of their gear, will Firefighter Mike explains what he is putting on.

Pictured right: Fifth grader Kaylen Blackford demonstrates for the third, fourth and fifth grade students how to stop, drop and roll.