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Students receive a rewarding snack

Oct. 7, 2015

On Friday, Sept. 25 some of the students at the George L. Cooke Elementary School received a rewarding snack.
At the beginning of the school year the students were asked to get their Code of Conduct signed in their agenda and return it to school along with their lunch forms filled out and signed.

The classrooms that had 100% participation in returning the Code of Conduct and lunch forms signed received either a popcorn party or an ice pop party.

Congratulations to Christine Cavello’s first grade class; Susan Goller and Yvonne Housman’s second grade classes; Lauren Siegel and Dennis Lankau’s third grade class; Tara Komatz’s fourth grade class; and Yesenia Kreeger and Ryan Speer’s fifth grade classes.

Pictured: Christine Cavello’s first grade students enjoying their popcorn.