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Throughout the year, Staff in the Spotlight will shine the light on teachers and staff who do exceptional things
for our students and go above and beyond each and every day.


The spotlight is on Edwin Ruiz!


Sept. Staff Spotlight - Edwin Ruiz The first staff spotlight of the 2015-16 school year is on a man who works behind the scenes year-round to make schools a clean, safe and positive place.

Congratulations, Edwin Ruiz!

“This year, Monticello is putting a special focus on leadership and the qualities of a leader. Edwin has demonstrated true leadership,” Superintendent Tammy Mangus said. “Edwin’s positive and fun attitude helps change the culture of whatever building he is a part of.”

When Edwin joined Monticello Central School District eleven years ago, he immediately established himself as a leader. Administrators say that he has an innate ability to create a team that keeps each building functional and all systems operational.

“Being a leader doesn’t mean you get to be rude, bossy or disrespectful,” Edwin said. “I like to treat everyone how I’d like to be treated. Doing so has allowed my teams and I to become organized and flourish.”

Now a custodian in the halls at Robert J. Kaiser Middle School, Edwin is no stranger to challenges.

As the head of the custodial team, Edwin has been responsible for the upkeep of campus facilities by cleaning restrooms, emptying waste receptacles, sweeping and mopping floors, waxing floors, cleaning carpets, carrying out minor maintenance and repairs and dusting and cleaning furniture.

Edwin is also in charge of supervising his staff in an efficient manner that ensures maximum effort and service. He is known for his dedication and communicating effectively with those whom he supervises.

Edwin provided the Kenneth L. Rutherford Elementary School staff, students, parents, and community with outstanding services as head custodian for three years before coming to Kaiser.

Rutherford Principal Kim Patterson said that Edwin was always responsive to the needs of those with whom he worked.
“Edwin exhibited great pride in keeping the Rutherford school in good repair and looking neat and well-kept. His efforts reflected well on the school and his own abilities and expertise,” she said. “It was a privilege and pleasure to work with such a dedicated colleague. We will miss him and wish him the best in the middle school.”

Edwin shows that no matter the trials or tribulations, you can always put on a smile, take pride in your work and make a positive difference in the lives of those around you.

“Edwin is a breath of fresh air,” Kaiser Principal Nichole Horler said. “In just a few short weeks, he has proven himself to be an outside of the box thinker; He immediately assesses the situation and develops a plan to solve the problem.”

RJK Custodial staffTreating Monticello’s students as though they were his own children, Edwin says that his primary focus is to help make the district a positive experience for all students.

“My son is going to be somebody because he is going to attend this school district,” he said. “Knowing that, I want him – and all of the students here – to have the opportunity to succeed in a nice, clean place.”

Edwin expresses that the best of working for Monticello Central School District is its mission for its students, alumni, and staff and its sense of community spirit.

“I love this school district,” he said. “Everyone is so dedicated to the safety and well-being of others. Nothing gives me greater joy than to help them achieve that.”

As a friendly and outgoing person, Edwin always makes sure to speak to faculty and ensure classrooms are tidy and ready for the students. He values education and has developed great friendships with faculty and staff.

While Edwin makes his job a priority, his pride and joy is his family. He lives with his wife and two year old son.              

Thank you for being a greater than the average leader!