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Summer school students enjoy day at Six Flags

eligible students rewarded for hard work

August 3, 2015

On July 31, more than 70 middle school and high school summer school students visited Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. Students became eligible for the trip by meeting the following criteria: maintain a 70 average or higher in all classes, not miss more than one day of classes, and maintain good behavior since the first day of summer school.

The Extended School Day funded the trip, which provided each student with breakfast made by food services, admission to the park, a meal voucher for lunch, charter bus transportation and plenty of snacks for the bus ride!

Monticello High School Assistant Principals Virginia Morse and Christopher Palmer served as chaperones for the day trip.

"It was a beautiful day and the students were fantastic," Morse said.

Photo (above right): MHS Assistant Principals Christopher Palmer (front, left) and Virginia Morse (front, right) accompanied more than 70 summer school students to a fun-filled day at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey.

Photo (above): Monticello summer school students get a break from the classroom and are rewarded for their hard work.