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Safety enhancements continue; security and safety staff restructured

July 24, 2015

While students are enjoying summertime weather and relaxation, work on safety enhancements continues throughout the school district.

Physical changes can be seen at every school building as main entrances are modified to allow for stronger access control.
A visitor monitor system will be in place at each school building by the start of the school year, which will allow school personnel to more readily identify high risk individuals. Electric locks, with main entrance intercom and closed circuit television cameras, will help keep Monticello Central School District buildings secure.

District administrators recognize that these new systems are only as effective as the people who manage them.

“We are making major changes to help ensure the safety of our students and staff, which is always the district’s top priority,” said Assistant Superintendent for School Administration Catherine Parsons, who oversees safety initiatives for the district.

“The next part of the puzzle is ensuring our security and safety staff are the right mix and have proper training,” she added.

To that end, district officials scrutinized the existing personnel structure and came up with a new framework better suited to meet the district’s increasing security needs. With a Board of Education approved budget of $523,539.20, new safety and security specific positions have been created.

The new structure calls for the hiring of a full-time school security supervisor who will be responsible for coordinating activities and supervising security personnel throughout the district. This supervisor will be overseeing a team of school security aides who will be responsible for security control of a school building and the surrounding grounds. School security aides will be in place at each school building.

Existing school monitors have been given the option of applying for the newly-formed school security aide positions in each school.

“The district must do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of students and staff,” Superintendent of Schools Tammy Mangus said. “We took a hard look at the existing team structure and realized we had to make some changes to obtain a strong district-wide approach to safety. I am confident that the new structure is the most cost effective and strategic way to approach our security initiatives moving forward."

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