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Statement from Superintendent Mangus regarding cost of before and after school childcare services

July 24, 2015

The district has been receiving many inquiries related to the soon-to-be implemented Healthy Kids Extended Day Program. Please understand that we’ve kept the best interests of our families in mind while exploring viable options to replace the ClubRec program. I would like to share background information so that parents can better understand the circumstances surrounding our decision.

First, it is important to note that ClubRec is no longer servicing Sullivan County, so the program is simply not an option for our district. Although the ClubRec program was popular among parents and students, its holding company has experienced several bouts of financial mismanagement and the program has been discontinued.

Following the announcement from ClubRec, the district conducted a rigorous search for the highest quality and most affordable elementary school-age child care program offered in our area. There were three options. Of the three, only two met New York State standards. The district concluded that The Healthy Kids Extended Day Program was the most cost effective and reliable of the two remaining programs.

The Healthy Kids Extended Day Program is a top-rated program recommended by dozens of elementary schools in Brooklyn, Dutchess, Orange and Westchester counties. According to information provided by the program, its directors and staff are highly skilled, background-checked and credentialed, and the program is supervised and licensed by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services.

Although ClubRec’s tuition rates were lower than The Healthy Kids Extended Day Program, district research suggests that ClubRec’s cost was an exception. Findings from Child Aware America and the Afterschool Alliance suggest that typical before and after school childcare program fees range between $100-$500 or more a month, depending on family income levels, activities provided, hours of operation, and whether the student participates in the program before school, after school or both.

The district recognizes that the availability of affordable, quality before and after school child care poses one of the greatest hurdles for our parents. As a result, the district is working to help supplement the cost of before and after school care with grant funding. We hope to have more detailed information for parents by the end of September. The district is optimistic that this additional funding will help our working parents better manage the cost of daycare for their school age children. We do ask, however, that parents be prepared to pay the full program cost during September as we do not expect to have an answer on grant funding by that time.

 Please feel free to contact me directly at 945-794-7700, ext. 70511, with your questions and concerns. We will be in touch as soon as we have more information about supplemental funding.
Be well,

Tammy Mangus
Superintendent of Schools