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Panther Pride Takes a Ride!

 district team visits Monticello community before school begins

August 28, 2014Panther Pride takes a ride to Monticello neighborhoods to welcome students to the new school year. Pictured are students with Monticello's Panther mascot, Cooke Assistant Principal Roe Ramono and Superintendent Tammy Mangus.

Superintendent Tammy Mangus took a bus ride with the district's mascot and representatives from the district on Friday, Aug. 22 to connect with students and their families outside of the school. The team visited students at their homes. Mangus said that this is one of many meet-and-greets to come.

Photo right: Spirited students were overjoyed to spend time with Superintendent Mangus, Cooke Elementary Assistant Principal Rosemarie Romano and the district's mascot before the start of the new school year.  Members of the Monticello administrative team and teachers visit Monticello neighborhoods to welcome students to a new school year.

Photo Left (from left to right): PPS Director Tanya Duryea; RJK Middle School Assistant Principal Michelle Knowlton; Rutherford Elementary Assistant Principal Doug Murphy; Rutherford Elementary Principal Kim Patterson; RJK Teacher Sharon Strysko; Superintendent of Schools Tammy Mangus; Cooke Elementary Assistant Principal Rosemarie Romano; MHS Teacher Linda Morgan-Kenny; Speech Therapist Dana Taylor; MHS Teacher Peter Wysochanski.