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Assistant Superintendent Tammy Mangus recognized for educational excellence

mangus awarded datag excellence in education award

July 31, 2014

Tammy Mangus, Monticello’s Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction, was recently awarded the Sixth Annual DATAG Excellence in Education Award. The award, known as the Dr. Gerald E. DeMauro Award, recognizes an individual who has made a significant contribution to the educational performance of students by promoting data driven policies.

DATAG is the New York State Data Analysis Technical Assistance Group and consists of education experts who provide a leadership role in identifying, cataloging and modeling best practices in the analysis and use of data for New York state schools. Nominees were required to demonstrate outstanding leadership in promoting the policies of an organization that affects the educational performance of students. Mangus was the sole recipient of the award this year.

“I am deeply honored to be recognized in this way,” Ms. Mangus said. “From my early days in the classroom to my current post as assistant superintendent, I have always used data to propel student growth,” Mangus said. “Data shows us the truth – whether we’re students, teachers or administrators. Data clearly displays our strengths and weaknesses, and helps us to become focused and goal-oriented.”

When asked for their thoughts about Ms. Mangus’ promotion of data driven policies in the district, colleagues offered the following:
“Ms. Mangus set up expectations for the district so we will be able to skillfully collect, organize, analyze, interpret and use a variety of data in order to improve instruction, services and programs for students and, ultimately, improve academic achievement and other student outcomes. As a result of this intense focus on data, staff and faculty were given targeted training and resources to meet this demand. Ms. Mangus’ "mind-set" required all faculty to apply new knowledge and skills in a way that have resulted in improved outcomes for all students,” said RJK Middle School Principal Nichole Horler.

“Ms. Mangus has developed a culture of high expectations for student learning based on data driven instruction, with the ultimate goal of improved student achievement. Creating a strong culture where learning thrives, Tammy has help to build and support instructional leaders to expand their use of data analysis on a daily basis through professional development, Building/Grade Level Teams, and action planning,” said K.L. Rutherford Elementary School Principal Kimberly Patterson.

Photo: Beth Culligan (left), administrative specialist and Tammy Mangus (right), assistant superintendent for curriculum & instruction, make a strong team.