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Academy of Finance Seniors Visit 9/11 Memorial in NYC

students get an inside look at 2001 tragedy

June 8, 2015

Academy of Finance (AoF) seniors travelled to New York City, visited the 9/11 Memorial and explored downtown Manhattan; where many of the world’s largest businesses are located and where the New York Stock Exchange is housed.

When the students arrived in the city, they walked to the 9/11 Memorial. A tour guide showed the group a slide show and provided activities to help students learn more about the background information on the tragedy that happened on September 11, 2001. In the activity, students were asked to choose three artifacts found in the museum that we would bring back to Monticello to share with people. The group chose a severely damaged fire truck from the 9/11 scene, a window still intact that fell from the 82nd floor, and the elevator motor that was saved from the building. These artifacts really left an image in the students' heads of what happened that day and the tragedy many families experienced.

Students learned many things about 9/11 and explored many artifacts that have been saved from the incident. Now they know what occurred on September 11, 2001 and will forever remember the lives lost that day.

When the memorial tour was complete, students stopped for some refreshments and explored the city for a while. They witnessed the business lifestyle of New York City and observed how it was different from our Monticello hometown.

Written by AOF Senior Amir Bakovic