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Jane Sorensen and Nancy Wilhelm honored at annual awards dinner

Sullivan county school boards association awards "outstanding friend of education" and "Outstanding educator"

June 29, 2015

Two members of the Monticello Central School District school district were recently honored at the Sullivan County School Boards Association Annual Meeting and Awards Dinner. Jane Sorensen, EPIC (Every Person Influences Children) coordinator for the Monticello Central School District received the "Outstanding Friends of Education Award" and Nancy Wilhelm, guidance counselor at the RJK Middle School, was awarded the "Outstanding Educator Award."

Mrs. Sorensen is known throughout the school district as the "go-to" person when administrators wish to implement a program, coordinate a field trip, or hold an event. Ms. Sorensen works hard to deliver new experiences to Monticello students and their families. Her extensive reach across various counties in New York State allows her to tap into resources to reach goals that she sets for ALL of our students.

"Each and every day, Jane honors children, families and educators, and she is, most notably, the one who should be honored for the countless contributions she makes to our educational world in Monticello," Monticello Superintendent of Schools Tammy Mangus remarked as she introduced Mrs. Sorensen.

Nancy Wilhelm has served as a guidance counselor for the Monticello Central School District for 20 years. She has demonstrated professionalism, compassion and a genuine love for her middle school students. She greets her students each morning with a smile and a hug, checking to make sure they are ready to learn.

Ms. Wilhelm collaborates with members of the school community to help support every student's academic, career social development. She retired from her position at the end of this school year.

"Nancy's main focus is the overall well-being of the child. She is always going to the heart of what is right, even when what is right may not be popular. She is often heard saying, 'What is best for the kids?' She truly goes above and beyond to ensure the students at RJK Middle School are well taken care of," Superintendent Mangus said.

Photo (below left): EPIC Coordinator Jane Sorensen receives the "Friend to Education Award" at the Sullivan County School Boards Association annual dinner meeting.

Photo (below right): RJK Middle School Guidance Counselor Nancy Wilhelm receives the "Outstanding Educator Award" at the Sullivan County School Boards Association annual dinner meeting.