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Cooke Elementary recognizes students with perfect attendance

June 26, 2015

Few students are able to reach the high expectation of Perfect Attendance for an entire year. Achieving this lofty goal for the 2014-15 school year are: Kindergartener Jacob King, first grader Macy Miros, Second Graders Jasmine Hall, Gabriella Kegler, fourth graders John Allen, Hector Perez and fifth graders Enderson Abraham, Daniel Gray, and Randy Kinred.

Reaching 100% attendance goals are: Kindergarten students Tahir Atkins, Deondre Dillion, Kyellah McCoy, First graders Brian Allen, Isabella Carpinone, Adam Dannacher, Jahmere McCoy, Epiphanny Smith, Second grader Dejenae Dillion, Third graders Cady Marban Rodriguez, Aaron Minton, fourth graders Nevaeh McCoy, Ahmad Yousef, and fifth graders Karen Allen, Madison Cohen, Kaitlyn Cohen, Jamar Mack Jackson, Reannon Matulewich, and Rohan Patrick.

Congratulations to all!