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Monticello District Health & Wellness Committee recognized for encouraging healthy lifestyles among school community

June 15, 2015

The Monticello Central School District Health and Wellness Committee was recently recognized for its efforts to promote healthy living among members of the school district.

Healthy Schools NY, The American Dairy Association and Dairy Council, Hunger Solutions NY, and Action for Healthy Kids NY sponsored The Learning Connection Forum on May 14, 2015. The focus of the forum was on healthy eating, physical activity and social-emotional health. At this forum, a certificate of recognition was given to the Monticello District Wellness Committee.

Photo Caption: Members of the District Health & Wellness Committee attended The Learning Connection Forum on May 14 to receive an award for encouraging healthy lifestyles for district students and staff. (From left to right): Tamara Coney, Chase School; Jane Sorensen, EPIC Coordinator; James Ryan, Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics; and Amy Garrett, Cooke School.