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Monticello HS art teacher paints Monticello mural for library entrance

jay brooks' mural portrays monticello's broadway in the 1970's

May 12, 2015

Monticello High School's librarian Mike Moss had a vision for the wall leading to the library:

"We get lots of traffic from both students and faculty in this stairwell," Moss said. "I wanted to display news about our students, and I envisioned a strong visual that attracts people's attention. I reached out to high school art teacher Jay Brooks and asked if he would paint something for us. He is an artistic genius and the mural he painted of Monticello 30 years ago tells the story about Monticello's history in a way that words never could."

The mural stands above a bulletin board that shares news from all over the district, with the heading "What's Happening in Monticello." Brooks painted a scene from 1970's Monticello, highlighting familiar buildings and sites that some may recognize.

"The arcade is now the location for the Bagel Bakery," said Brooks. "Things have changed over the years in Monticello, but it was a lot of fun to take a look back and capture a moment of our community's history."


Photo above center: MHS art teacher Jay Brooks' mural of Monticello's Broadway in the 1970's brightens the stairwell leading to the high school's library.

Photo above left: Mike Moss, MHS librarian; Theresa Owens, library assistant; and Jay Brooks, MHS art teachers stand in front of the mural painted by Mr. Brooks.

Photo right: Mr. Brooks' mural is displayed above the "What's Happening in Monticello" bulletin board, which shares stories of students and faculty from throughout the district.