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Academy of Finance students wrap up another successful tax season

Written by AOF student Precious Ellis

May 6, 2015

AOF membersVITA, the IRS' Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program, is nothing new to Monticello High School. The Academy of Finance students finished their seventh tax season serving the residents of Sullivan County. With the vast amount of knowledge the students gained, it’s no surprise the VITA program at the school was a success. After learning the “ins and outs” of taxes the students put their knowledge to work. With help from teachers Eric Shewmaker and Susan Bahrenburg, the students were able to participate in an unforgettable hands on experience.

This year the students prepared jAOF membersust shy of 170 returns, an all-time record for our VITA program and one which made the students proud. One student said "We all studied for this a long time so it’s satisfying knowing it worked out so well."

The VITA program gives the students experience they don’t traditionally learn in classrooms. Working with new clients every day and practicing their social skills proved to be beneficial for the students and the residents of the community.

When asked about the positives of the program, AOF senior Angelica Mack said, “Being able to give back to the community and offering an important service that would usually cost hundreds of dollars for free makes me feel good about what we did.”