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 AOF senior attends Nonprofit Leadership Summit

Written by AOF senior Wynter Ransom

May 18, 2015

Last summer, I had the chance to work for Linda Hartley, President of Hartley Consulting, Inc., organizing the summit database, making phone calls to nonprofit organizations, and adding over 70 new nonprofits to the database. With all the time and research put into organizing the database, I was honored to be invited to the Nonprofit Leadership Summit in March.

For the past five years the Nonprofit Leadership Summit has been held at Bethel Woods, inviting over 150 guests from around New York State, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, and the mid-west. This year’s main topic was “Working together for healthier communities and improved quality of life.” The goal of the Nonprofit Leadership Summit is to help communities, in the Delaware Valley, Catskills, and Hudson Valley region with the art, the environment, housing, community development, and youth services.

On March 4th, Bethel Woods opened their doors to over 70 guests. The day was packed with events from panel discussions, activities for all of the guests, and the innovation award presentations. The innovation award is a great opportunity for three finalists to share their ideas with a group of judges on how they plan to help improve the community. One of the three finalists wins $5,000 to help start their project. Though the other two projects do not receive $5,000 they do not go home empty handed; they receive an award of $500 to help the support their project.

One of the three finalists at the event was the Eat Healthy Sullivan County Farmers’ Market. Their mission is to increase access to healthy, local foods for counties that are unable to receive locally grown food. Lack of fresh grown food causes families to make poor decisions regarding their diet. The second finalist was the Sullivan County Breastfeeding Coalition. The SCBC began in 2014 to improve the population’s health by supporting breastfeeding mothers. The last finalist was the Kingfisher Project which is a community information and ration project based at WJFF-Radio Catskill. Kingfisher project focuses on the drug abuse in our communities and the ways the community can help put an end to drug abuse. The Kingfisher Project was one of the finalists to win $5,000.