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KLR fourth graders use virtual wall to showcase work

"padlet" brings stories to life

May 10, 2015

 KLR fourth graders learned how animals use their defense mechanisms to survive in their environments. Students were required to write a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure narrative, in which their animal encountered a predators. The fourth graders had to provide readers with two choices, or paths, to take and write an ending for each path.

Fourth graders chose Padlet, a virtual wall or bulletin board, to publish their narratives. Once an account is created, content can be added to the wall.The students typed their narratives in Microsoft Word, and then copied them over to Padlet. They chose an image to accompany their work and created their own covers.

Visit the fourth graders' Padlet by clicking on the following link: Viewers can click on each story to bring it up full screen and see the pictures.