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AOF alumni shares nutrition knowledge

April 22, 2015

On March 27, Academy of Finance students had a surprise visitor come to their classes.

Jessica Simpson, a previous graduate of Monticello High School and current Wellness Ambassador for Sullivan County, came to visit and share her knowledge about health and wellness.

Simpson shared her background on how she was an athlete when she was in high school with unhealthy eating habits, how she chose her career path and what she enjoys most about her career.

Her interactive presentation was all about providing the students with the knowledge to make better decisions when it comes to eating healthier. With these upperclassmen students heading to college soon, they will need educated minds to keep off the “Freshman 15”. She was sure to constantly remind everyone that you don’t have to stop eating all of your favorite junk food, but just try to eat it in moderation!

She shared small tips such as switching from white to whole wheat pasta, or switching from drinking soda to plain water. She passed around items that represented the portion sizes for certain foods, such as a lightbulb that looked like a bunch of broccoli. These silly items definitely left an impression on the students and the next time they go to serve themselves vegetables, they may just think back to that lightbulb!

All of the students really enjoyed listening to this presentation that kept them actively engaged with funny stories, helpful tips and interactive demonstrations, such as a weighted vest that simulated what putting on 15 pounds would feel like. She also brought fruit, plain yogurt and granola for the students to snack on, as well as lemon and herbs for them to put into their water bottles to make drinking water a little more enticing. All of the students promised Simpson that they would make at least one healthy change in their lives and she promised that she will be back to check up on them!

Written by Samantha Schantz, Academy of Finance senior