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Student Officers Attend AOF Advisory Board Meeting

Written by Victoria Kerendian, AOF Co-President

April 22, 2015

On March 24, Sam Schantz, Jaclynn Sorensen and Victoria Kerendian, student officers, attended the Academy Of Finance board meeting at Monticello High School. In order to get the students more involved in what is happening with the AOF, the board members agreed that it would be a good idea for students to be a part of these meetings. This was the first time students joined the board members in a board meeting.

They spoke about goals that are being planned for the AOF in the future. Something that caught my attention is that they are looking to expand the AOF to a 4 year program instead of 2. This will allow students to take more business orientated classes throughout high school and have a better understanding when they do take more advanced classes in the future. They spoke about the internships needed for the summer, how they could improve the mentor program and the dinner in May for the seniors graduating the AOF. Since the juniors of the AOF will be interviewing for summer internships the board is planning to have a day where the juniors can participate in mock interviews in order to be prepared.

I know it is much appreciated that the members of the board take time out of their busy schedules to attend meetings to better our program at Monticello High School. It was a good idea for students of the AOF to join the board members in this meeting so we have a better understanding of what's being planned for the future of the AOF and are also able to inform our peers about what is going on in our program.