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MHS seniors teach second graders about healthy habits


April 13, 2015

Monticello High School seniors taught Cooke's second graders about nutrition and staying active. The lesson coincides with the students' Common Core Domain of the Human Body curriculum. The high school seniors planned the lessons with health teacher, Ms. Alvarez, and Athletics Director, Mr. Ryan.

On the first day, the lessons included activities on how to identify nutritious food groups and proper portion sizes for each food group. On the second day, the lessons focused on encouraging students to live an active lifestyle. The seniors discussed how organized sports are only one way to be active; other ideas included playing tag, riding bikes or dancing.

The second graders really enjoyed these lessons and the seniors were prepared for every question. The older students even participated in all of the activities with the second graders. It was a fun two days!

Pictured (from left to right, back row): High school seniors - Rafael Ortiz, Christiana (Christy) Poli, Brianna Bennett, Devin Williams, Health Teacher Ms. Alvarez and Athletics Director Mr. Ryan

(from left to right, front row): Cooke second graders - Raquel Camacho Ampuero, Justin Bonilla Paredes, Quentin DiPippo, Kaiyla Morrison,Traven Davis, and Maya Fernandez