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Update for seniors and early grads: Cap and Gown measurements will now be taken on Tuesday, March 24

March 10, 2015

Due to the early dismissal of students on March 10, cap and gown measurements will now be taken during periods 8 and 9 on Tuesday, March 24. Seniors and early grads will be called to the auditorium lobby to be measured by the representative from Herff Jones. Students who have early release should report to the auditorium/gym lobby immediately after period 7.

The cost is 50 dollars. Students can pay with a check/money order made payable to MHS Class of 2015 or cash. If students cannot pay on March 10, they should still be measured. They can pay at a later date.

Please contact Sheryl Manz (794-8840, ext 10959) or Ann Hazelnis ( with any questions.