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Throughout the year, Teacher in the Spotlight will shine the light on teachers and staff who do exceptional things
for our students and go above and beyond each and every day.


The spotlight is on Yesenia Kreeger!


Yesenia Kreeger photoOur new Teacher in the Spotlight is focused on Cooke Elementary School fifth grade teacher Ms. Yesenia Kreeger.

Ms. Kreeger began her career in Monticello in technology staff development, and played an integral role as the district explored creative ways of integrating technology into the classroom. She helped the district develop a plan to meet the needs of a K-12 environment, which included the use and management of various devices, smartboards, video conferencing and planning.

Ms. Kreeger shifted her position from technology to the classroom when she secured a full time teaching position at Cooke Elementary, where she teaches ELA to all fifth graders. She was the first fifth grade teacher to pilot and embrace the use of iPads for instruction.

"Yesenia is a self starter and a go getter, and she will try anything if she thinks it will benefit her students. She has a great rapport with her students, colleagues and administration. Yesenia is a wonderful presence at Cooke Elementary and we are grateful to have her," Cooke Principal Sandra Johnson Fields said.

Yesenia Kreeger photo
The district made mobile learning environments a priority in recent years, and Ms. Kreeger has played in integral role in helping that initiative get off the ground. She allowed her classroom to serve as a "test case," so district technology could try out
the technology, along with the technical infrastructure, to make sure they worked efficiently and effectively. The process wasn't an easy one, because it required adjustments and fine tuning along the way.

"Thanks to Yesenia's experience, patience and understanding of the process, more than 1,000 Monticello students now participate in a mobile learning initiative. She is a leader that both administrators and teachers trust and rely upon. She is a lifelong learner and is willing to always invest the time and effort it takes to make sure she is doing the best for her students," Shelley Rossitto, Executive Director of Instructional Technology and Staff Development said.

Congratulations, Ms. Kreeger!

yesenia kreeger photo

We applaud you for being greater than the average!