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Throughout the year, Teacher in the Spotlight will shine the light on teachers and staff who do exceptional things
for our students and go above and beyond each and every day.


The spotlight is on Dana Taylor!


The next Teacher Spotlight is focused on Dana Taylor, Rutherfords' speech therapist. Ms. Taylor has worked for the district for 20 years and is a Monticello alumna.

Ms. Taylor is very passionate about what she does, not only for the students, but also for the community. She is involved in many projects, initiatives and programs, including her role as committee member for the district's Hall of Distinction.

The latest of her endeavors includes the monumental task of writing three grants to initiate The Leader in Me program in our elementary schools. The program teaches students the seven habits of highly effective people. “If children learned the seven habits at an early age, how different their lives might be and how different our world might be.” (excerpt from The Leader in Me program)
Dana Taylor wins Board of Education award.
Ms. Taylor is a perfect example of what the seven habits stand for.
Habit 1: Be proactive
Ms. Taylor is responsible and takes the initiative when faced with a problem.
Habit 2: Begin with the end in mind
Ms. Taylor is goal oriented, for herself, her students and her colleagues. She plays an important role on many levels district wide.
Habit 3: Put first things first
Ms. Taylor has a difficult time putting her own needs first, but she is working on it.
Habit 4: Think win-win
Ms. Taylor is able to maintain a balance between the needs and wants of herself and others. She is able to provide positive solutions to the conflict at hand.
Habit 5: Seek first to understand then to been understood
Ms. Taylor is definitely a leader in the school. She listens to other people’s ideas and feelings. She is empathetic, confident and always honest.
Habit 6: Synergize
Ms. Taylor works well with others. She is humble, values other’s strengths and is eager to learn from them. She is the team player who encourages others to be involved.
Habit 7: Sharpen the saw
Not only is Ms. Taylor an important part of the school district, she is an important part of the community: Bethel, White Lake, Forestburgh, Monticello, Wurtsboro. She is a great role model living what she preaches at home as well as on the job.

The way Ms. Taylor lives her life is reflected in a quote from one of her favorite books, Believe:
“In your life’s journey, there will be excitement and fulfillment, boredom and routine, and even the occasional train wreck.
But when you have picked a dream that is bigger than you personally, that truly reflects the ideals that you cherish, and that can positively affect others, then you will always have another reason for carrying on."

Pamela Melroy

Photo above right: Ms. Taylor was recently recognized by the Board of Education for her commitment to excellence in the community, and with our students and the district as a whole. Pictured (from left to right): Board of Education President Stacey Sharoff, Dana Taylor and Board of Education Vice President Alyce Van Etten.

Congratulations, Ms. Taylor!

We applaud you for being greater than the average!