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Board of Education Presents Recognition and Scholar Athlete Awards

Teachers, support staff and students recognized for commitment to excellence

March 27, 2015


During the March 26 Board of Education meeting, several individuals were recognized for going the extra mile for our students and schools.

"These people are truly representative of Monticello excellence," said MCSD School Superintendent Tammy Mangus. "These students and faculty most definitely display greater than average commitment to their education and school community."

The Hall of Distinction Preparation Team:
Students: Christopher Beatty, Armond Maillard, Neil Whidbee, Willie Conklin, Michael Moore, Celia Gonzalez Lopez, Karla Ortiz Rosario and Alithea Bolden
Faculty: Tiffany Ferris, Amy Ross and Jennifer Mitchell from the Career Readiness program
Staff: Charles Payne and Israel Trinidad
The Hall of Distinction was in need of some sprucing up prior to the Induction Ceremony in the fall. The College and Career Readiness students and teachers joined with Israel Trinidad and got right to work. They dusted walls, shined the glass trophy cases and made sure everything was sparkling in the lobby outside the auditorium.

Thank you to this hardworking group!

Photo (from left to right): Plant Operations Night Supervisor Charles Payne, Board of Education President Stacey Sharoff, Speech/Language Pathologist Jennifer Mitchell, student Armond Maillard (front), and Board of Education Vice President Alyce Van Etten

Deena Tanzman, Teacher Aide, RJK Middle School
Ms. Tanzman infuses the office and the building with a positive energy that is infectious. She not only helps students register for tutorials, but she is always there to give warm hugs to students and staff alike. Ms. Tanzman manages the middle school's Backpack Program, and helps provide food for students at times when there are no other resources available to them. She also runs the Student of the Month Program and organizes the quarterly field trips for the students and creates a monthly bulletin board in honor of these students. 

Thank you, Ms .Tanzman!

Photo (from left to right): RJK Middle School Principal Nichole Horler, Superintendent of Schools Tammy Mangus, Board of Education President Stacey Sharoff, Teacher Aide Deena Tanzman and Board of Education Vice President Alyce Van Etten

Carol Furchak, Educational Services Associate
Ms. Furchak is being recognized for her commitment and dedication to the staff, students, administration and all community members of Monticello Central School District. All individuals who come in contact with Ms. Furchak throughout the years have found her to be dependable, efficient and unfailingly punctual. She has gone above and beyond to help improve the district's registration practices. Ms. Furchak provides a warm, cheerful attitude to the families we serve.

Best wishes on your retirement, Ms. Furchak! You will be missed!

Photo (from left to right): Pupil Personnel Services Director, Superintendent of Schools Tammy Mangus, Board of Education President Stacey Sharoff, Educational Services Associate Carol Furchak, and Board of Education Vice President Alyce Van Etten


The Board of Education also recognized three teams as “Scholar Athletes.” at the March 26 meeting. Each year, the New York State Public High School Athletic Association honors teams that, as a whole, maintain a grade point average of 90 percent or greater. Each member of the team received a certificate and pin.

The following teams/students were honored as Scholar Athletes:

Cheerleading: 94.20% overall GPA     Coach: Kelly Keesler
Maria Astras
Kara Fredell
Erica Jahn
Juliana Kane
Hailee Quiles
Jahdeja Richards
Cristal Saten
Courtney Swensen


Boys Skiing: 90.84% overall GPA     Coach: Jim Bates
Shane Bittinger
Michael Cubillas
Luke Farrow
Hunter Ferriero
Kyle Foss
Ryan Grodin
Daniel Oldfield



Wrestling: 92.27% overall GPA     Coach: Anthony Ng
Adam Blakesley
Brett Hughes
Travis Kelly
Elizabeth Koenig
Jonah Lilley
Caleb McCallion
Patrick Owens
Stephen Radlein
Brian Stickle
Benjamin Ulrich