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Alumnus shares college experiences with Academy of Finance members

March 26, 2015

With graduation right around the corner, our seniors are becoming more anxious and stressed thinking about college. What school is right for me? What things should I be looking for in my college choice? AOF alumni, Raymond Ulger, came to the Financial Accounting class to speak about his experience in college. He is now finishing up his senior year at SUNY Oswego and will continue there for graduate school.

Raymond shared his process of choosing a college. He looked at how much it would cost yearly and what loans he would need to take out. He also took into major consideration the class size; Raymond likes small classes so he can be more connected with the professors. Another aspect he mentioned was the surrounding colleges and cities. He wanted to make sure there were things to do in his spare time. Raymond also shared with students his experience with different clubs and groups at SUNY Oswego.

However, Raymond expressed that there was a down part of his college life. At the end of his junior year, Raymond realized that he needed to get ready for graduate school. Sadly, he came to the realization that his grades did not meet the entry requirements. He tried over and over to get accepted into the graduate school at SUNY Oswego and looked for every possible way to get in. Raymond knew what he wanted to do after earning his bachelor’s degree, and that was further his education even more.

His passion for accounting pushed him to work as hard as he could and make the cut. Raymond definitely had a few rough patches throughout his college career, but he made it! You don’t need to be a straight A student to be successful. As long as you never give up and try your best, anything is possible, and Raymond is proof of that.

Photo above: MHS alumnus Raymond Ulger shares his college experiences with AOF members.
Photo right: MHS alumnus Raymond Ulger addresses students during a recent visit to the high school.

Written by AOF senior and Raymond’s sister, Jasmine Ulger