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MHS musician performs in New York City

February 5, 2015

Monticello High School junior Allison "Allie" Linen knows exactly what she wants to study in college: music education. At 16, Allison is a talented instrumentalist, who studies flute and piano.

Allie Linen performanceOn Sunday, December 14, 2014, Allie had the privilege of performing in New York City at an event called a "sarau"--the Portuguese equivalent of "music salon" or "soiree." The sarau was orchestrated by a group of professional musicians who arrange performances at various venues. The sarau on December 14 occurred at a private residence in New York City overlooking Central Park West.

The musical program featured various Brazilian and Russian composers. Allison was one of two students who performed; all of the other performers (instrumentalists and vocalists) were professionals.

For this event, Allie played June: Barcarolle from The Seasons by Tchaikovsky. Allie's piano accompanist for this flute performance was Luiz Simas, a well known Brazilian artist and composer who resides in New York City and tours regularly in South America and Europe

Photo: Allie Linen and Luiz Simas rehearse for the Dec. 14 performance in New York City.