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Programs to introduce youngest students to school district

MCSD kindergarten registration to take place march 23-26 and april 13-17, by appointment only

February 28, 2015

Monticello Central School District is offering a variety of programs designed to welcome our youngest students to their first year ofbaby panther school.

Kindergarten students will attend Emma C. Chase Elementary School, George L. Cooke Elementary School or Kenneth L. Rutherford Elementary School during the 2015-16 school year. In order to qualify for kindergarten in September 2015, the child must turn five years of age on or before December 1, 2015.

Parents and guardians are asked to call the Registrar’s Office at 845-794-7700, ext. 78905 to set up an appointment for kindergarten registration for their child. REGISTRATION IS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Registration will take place from March 23-26 and April 13-17 at the Central Registration office located in Monticello High School (near the auditorium).  DOWNLOAD REGISTRATION PACKET

Kindergarten screening is the next step in the process. Students who attend Project Excel/Easter Seals, Head Start, Best Friends, Nana’s House or Land of the Little People will be screened at their preschool during the regular school day. Parents are not required to be present. If a child attends a different program, then a kindergarten screening appointment will be made during the registration process. Screenings will take place at the elementary school where the child will attend kindergarten.

“This is such an exciting time for our new incoming students and their families,” Superintendent of Schools Tammy Mangus said. “We are committed to making their transition to school as smooth as possible, so that our newest students become lifelong learners.”

Each elementary school will host events to welcome the incoming kindergarten students and their families. Kindergarten orientation will take place in June, during which students will enjoy a tour, story time in the library, and other activities. Kindergarten open house will take place in September, at a date to be determined.

“A Parent’s Guide to Kindergarten” brochure will be mailed to all incoming kindergarten families. The brochure includes important information about all families will need to know as they prepare to sign up their children for kindergarten. view Parent's Guide

Parents and guardians are encouraged to call the District Registrar’s office at 845-794-7700, ext. 78905 with any questions.