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Academy of Finance seniors learn from Advisory Board mentors

February 23, 2015

AOF seniors meet with mentorsAOF seniors meet with mentors

Photos above: Academy of Finance (AOF) seniors meet with AOF mentors Joan Rhulen Farrow (left) and MHS Principal Stephen Wilder (right).

The Academy of Finance at Monticello High School has paired up each 12th grade student with a local business person who will be their mentor. The new mentor program will give students someone who can assist them with achieving their future goals and plans for after they graduate high school. The students originally met their mentors at a breakfast meeting back in October.

On January 29th, some students were able to meet with their mentor after they finished a final exam for their Financial Decision Making class, which is required for all academy students. All of the students seemed anxious to meet and talk with their mentors again. As soon as the adults arrived, the conversations picked up instantly. There were discussions about plans for college, ideal career paths and personal goals that the students have.

This new program gives students the opportunity to connect with someone that they might not otherwise have, as well as teaching them the importance of setting goals for the future and networking within the community.

Photos (below): AOF seniors meet with mentors Jonathan Farrow (left) and AOF Advisory Board Vice President, Laura Quigley.

AOF seniors meet with mentorsAOF seniors meet with mentors

Written by Samantha Schantz, AOF Student Co-President