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AOF seniors learn about proper dining etiquette during SUNY Sullivan seminar

which fork do I use first? What is the extra spoon for? students learn this and more

January 8, 2015

You sit down for a meal with a business associate to discuss a possible job opportunity at her firm. Your interview suit looks sharp, your shoes are polished, and your hair is neatly combed. Everything is going smoothly until the first course, a greens salad, is placed in front of you. You reach for a fork, but notice there’s more than one. There’s also more than one spoon, and they're placed in different places around your plate. What do you do now?

If you were a participant in the recent SUNY Sullivan’s Dining Etiquette seminar, you would know which fork to use for that salad. Professor Riegal, of the Social Sciences and Sustainability Studies Department of the college and host of the session, also highlighted what foods to avoid ordering, how to eat unique foods (who knew artichokes are eaten by putting the leaf in your mouth and pulling the outside off with your teeth?), and even what to do with your napkin once it’s been used.

The session was followed by a delicious Italian meal prepared by the college. The visit also included a tour of the college facility, including a stop at the dormitory, which for many students was their first experience seeing dorm rooms.