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Accountants visit Academy of Finance accounting class

January 14, 2015

CPAs visit AOFKeeping students up-to-date in business careers is an important aspect of the Academy of Finance. Recently students were visited by a number of local accountants: Sean Glander, MBA, CPA, from Vanacore, DeBenedictus, DiGiovanni, Weddell, LLP; Michael Buffamente, CPA from Cooper Arias, LLP; and Rebecca Nash and Mashale Straker who work for Knack, Pavloff & Company, LLP, the Monticello School District internal auditing firm.

The accountants shared their experiences at college, at work and along the pathway to becoming a CPA, while urging the students to work hard at whatever they choose as a career. Mr. Buffamente explained the different fields of accounting: public, private, managerial and forensic. Cameron Depew, an AOF junior, was particularly interested in fraud accounting and kept bringing the conversation back around to that topic.

Mr. Glander also discussed COAP: Career Opportunities in the Accounting Profession, a summer internship that takes place over four days in late June where students immerse themselves in learning about accounting in our local area. The team of accountants also provided the class with a salary guide to answer that ever important question “How much might I earn?” In addition, the guide exposed students to other career opportunities available for graduates with an accounting degree.

Photo: Mr. Glanders, MBA, CPA, speaks with students from the Academy of Finance accounting class.