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KLR first graders are becoming monster readers with the help of Superkids

students learn parts of speech in creative way

December 8, 2014

First graders have been learning the parts of speech: nouns, verbs and adjectives. After reading "The Monster Under the Bus" from the Superkids Reading Program, the students each created their own monster to use as a writing prompt.


Here is the process they used:
1. They read stories and identified the adjectives.
2. They created an anchor chart of adjectives.
3. Next they chose pieces of scrap paper to create a monster.
4. After their monsters were finished, they wrote a rough draft describing their monster which was followed by editing.
5. Once the editing process was complete, the children wrote their final copies in their best handwriting.
The finished projects are on display outside of room 104 for all to see!