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Cooke second graders have snow much fun!

students publish book entitled snow day fun

December 22, 2014

Jessica Ashcraft and Joanna Dutcher’s second grade class at the George L. Cooke Elementary school had the rare opportunity to have their writings published in a book. Student Treasures Publishing Company contacted the teachers and offered the students an opportunity to write a story and have it compiled in a published book.

The students brainstormed book ideas and then voted. They wrote about fun activities to do on a snow day and titled the book Snow Day Fun. The class worked on the writing process skills and produced a wonderful piece. Each student wrote a part of the story and created illustrations. Parents were given the opportunity to purchase individual copies.

 Miss Ashcraft and Mrs. Dutcher are very proud of the dedication and hard work of their students.


Photo: Second graders from Cooke School show off their published book, Snow Day Fun.