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Throughout the year, Teacher in the Spotlight will shine the light on teachers and staff who do exceptional things
for our students and go above and beyond each and every day.


This week, the spotlight is on Kerry Dowling!


This week’s Teacher Spotlight is focused on Rutherford Elementary School third grade teacher Ms. Kerry Dowling. She has been with the  Monticello Central School District for seven years.

Known for her high energy, creative lessons and innovative ways of engaging students, Ms. Dowling makes a positive impact each day in her classroom, and throughout the school.

“Ms. Dowling engages her students in activities that bring classroom lessons to life. Her classroom is bright and welcoming, and invites students to be active participants in their own education. She sets high expectations, and her students continuously strive to meet, and exceed, those expectations. Ms. Dowling is truly a gem of a person, as well as an educator,” said KLR Principal Kimberly Patterson.

For example, students in Ms. Dowling’s class quickly learn that she expects them to give a “Harvard answer” when responding to a question, taking a test or completing an assignment. The “Harvard answer” represents their best effort and she encourages them to always go above and beyond.

"Ms. Dowling is the perfect example of our district’s mission to be greater than the average,” said Superintendent Tammy Mangus. “She makes a difference each day and helps encourage our students to work to the best of their ability - and then a little bit more. This out of the box thinking is what makes Ms. Dowling an effective and beloved teacher. I am proud to recognize Ms. Dowling as our first subject for Teacher in the Spotlight."

Congratulations, Ms. Dowling!



We applaud you for being greater than the average!