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Budget Basics: Things you should know about the budget process

an overview of how the mcsd annual proposed budget is developed

November 3, 2014

The district’s annual spending plan is a six month process. Outlined below is a snapshot of how Monticello Central School District’s budget is developed. Click here or see below to view Video 1: Budget Basics.

  • November: The district’s business official creates a rollover budget (last year’s numbers, including current contracts and benefits) that provide a baseline from which to start. An “educated guesstimate” is made for salary increases and new contracts.

  • December - January: During this time, school administrators discuss individual building needs (i.e., staffing, equipment, supplies, etc.) with staff members. This process involves a thorough review of enrollment projections, class sizes, and staffing levels for both professional and operational needs. Administrators then meet with the business official to share their building needs for the upcoming school year.

  • February - April: MCSD holds community conversations to review the district’s budget development process and to discuss potential changes and reductions. District residents and members of the board will have several opportunities to review, ask questions, and voice opinions about the superintendent's proposed budget via public meetings and other community outreach programs.

  • April: After months of collaboration with district staff and input from community members, the Board of Education will come to an agreement on the proposed spending plan.

  • May: A school budget public hearing is held to allow district residents to ask questions and share input. District residents will head to the polls on Tuesday, May 19, 2015. Polling locations are located throughout the district. If a proposed school budget is defeated at the polls, state law gives the school board two options. Board members may decide to put a revised budget up for vote, or go directly to a contingent budget.