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Academy of Finance holds networking breakfast

November 23, 2014

Academy of Finance juniors and seniors enjoyed a morning of networking and team building last month with their advisory board members and fellow students. Each advisory board member sat with 8-10 students while they shared their career and business experience, answered students’ questions, and enjoyed a light breakfast in the high school cafeteria prepared by students in the Career Readiness Program as well as by Chef Andy and his staff. The AOF students were eager to hear what each board member enjoys about his/her job, what a typical day at work is like, where they went to college, as well as the skills needed to be successful in the workplace. The board members also asked students to share their interests and future goals, as well as what school subjects they like.

 Each group was then challenged with constructing a paper airplane that could fly the farthest of any team while holding a quarter. The teams were up to the challenge, with many unique designs created. The winning team’s plane flew over 15 feet and gently landed with the quarter still safe inside!

 In addition, a new program was introduced where 11 board members have volunteered to be mentors for each of the AOF seniors. The students prepared business cards with their contact information and exchanged them with the adults. Future get-togethers are in the works for the students and their mentors.

 The time together ended with three AOF seniors sharing highlights of their internship experiences over the summer. Rafael Ortiz spoke of his time at Catskill Regional Medical Center, Shandell Jones shared what it was like to intern at The Sullivan Hotel, and Precious Ellis explained what her role was in the personnel office in the Sullivan County Government Center.