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AOF learns about business attireAOF Advisory Board members share professional business attire tips

November 23, 2014

Each month during the school year, Academy of Finance students come to school dressed for success: in dress shirts and ties, polished shoes, skirts and blazers. They carry themselves in such a professional manner that they have been mistaken for Monticello High School faculty or staff!AOF learns about business attire

Last month our students were visited by two AOF advisory board members who gave the students helpful pointers regarding how to put together a professional outfit from head-to-toe. Students learned they don't have to spend a lot in order to have quality business  wear.

Board member Michele Klugman demonstrated, with the help of AOF junior Chelsea DeJesus, how to mix-and-match some basic wardrobe items to stretch the dollar and to increase clothing options. Assistant Principal Christopher Palmer happened to stop by and asked the class for feedback on his attire; he was pleased to hear that his apparel passed the test! Board member Joel Blum encouraged the students to pursue quality in their purchases so they will last a long time and to also get one good interview suit for their wardrobe.AOF learns about business attire

The first business attire day this year was proof that the students heeded the board members advice; our halls were filled with students ready for the business world.

Photo (top right): AOF board member Joel Blum talks to AOF students about what "clothes says about you."

Photo (above): AOF board member Michele Klugman discusses how to mix-and-match basic items to expand clothing options. Assistant Principal Christopher Palmer stopped by to get students' opinions on his wardrobe choices.

Photo (right): AOF board member Joel Blum teaches demonstrates how to properly tie a neck tie.